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OLYMPUS 30mm F/3.5 M.Zuiko Digital ED Macro

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M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 30mm 1: 3.5 Macro
A new level of macro expression

Gives a creative impetus to your macro photography. This extraordinary lens allows to obtain high magnification images of up to a maximum of 1.25x (2.5x *): the highest value to which a person with a macro lens in this class ** can be photographed. At the same time, the image quality remains clear and detailed, to provide fantastic blur effects and a smooth bokeh. With a minimum operating distance 14 mm, you can take a creative macro world, invisible to the naked eye ..

All M.ZUIKO lenses are compatible with the full range of OLYMPUS PEN and OM-D cameras, and other Micro Four Thirds cameras.
* 35mm format equivalent
** In May 2016 among macro Micro Four Thirds lenses with fixed range available on the market, using Olympus test conditions.

Incredible macro magnification
This lens from 30mm (60mm *) has everything you need to realize your macro visions. In particular its incredible magnification of images up to 1.25x (2.5x *), combined with the minimum focusing distance of 14mm fire, makes this goal a tool to capture a macro world never seen before.

Stunning picture quality
Capture the details of any person and amazed the stunning results. A brilliant and sharp image quality with beautiful blur effects and a soft bokeh add a new level of expression to your photography. ZERO lens coating reduces flare and ghosting.

High speed in a compact body
The compact and lightweight design of this premium lens significantly reduces the typical slowness of focus in macro of conventional lenses. The result: maximum autofocus speed level for a goal in its class - ideal for nature photography.




OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1X + 30mm F/3.5 M.Zuiko Digital ED Macro

(VAT included)

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1X + 30mm F/3.5 M.Zuiko Digital ED Macro - 4 YEARS WARRANTY

(VAT included)

OLYMPUS 30mm F/3.5 M.Zuiko Digital ED Macro - 4 YEARS WARRANTY

(VAT included)

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